ChrisName: Chris
Nickname:  Chrissy, English
You can usually find me on these tours: The Rockies in the summer searching for bears and Whistler in the winter hiding in the snow 😉
Countries I have been to:  15: England ☺, Scotland, Italy, Austria, Germany, Belgium, USA, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, France, Switzerland, Holland, Greece & Cyprus.
Favourite spots in Western Canada: Finding peace and serenity in the silence of the Rockies; particularly Bow Lake and Moraine Lake. Swimming in Alta Lake, Whistler. Relaxing in Tofino Hot Springs while the ocean pounds the rocks.
Fun Fact: I like to eat kiwi fruit with the skin on…
Extraordinary skills:  I can balance a soccer ball on my forehead like a seal!
What I like to do when I’m not a tour guide: I like to play soccer, explore powdery snow on my snowboard, cook beautiful food (like Gordon Ramsay), hang with friends and go to the gym to keep fit.


Name: Bob
Nickname: Beers
You can usually find me on these tours:  I have guided all of the tours offered by Discover Canada Tours but you can generally find me in the Rockies.
Countries I have been to: 30 and counting. Some of my favourite countries in the world include Malaysia, Egypt, Finland and Canada.
Favourite spots in Western Canada:  Rocky Mountains because of the amazing scenery, and the Johnstone Strait because of the large number of humpback whales and orcas.
Fun Fact: You can check the quality of maple syrup by placing it in your freezer. Real maple syrup doesn’t freeze as a result of the high natural sugar content.
Extraordinary skills: They call me the bear whisperer.
What I like to do when I’m not a tour guide: When I am not working I like to kayak, hike or snowboard and explore new places.



Name:  Jessica
Nickname: Jess
You can usually find me on these tours: Whistler
Countries I have been to:  I’ve only been to 6 countries 🙁 But I’ve seen a lot of great places in Canada!
Favourite spots in Western Canada:  Waterton Lakes National Park in Alberta
Fun Fact:  Dodgeball Champion 2015
Extraordinary skills:  Polar bear dipper
What I like to do when I’m not a tour guide:  Camping and hanging out with friends at the beach



GenevaName: Geneva 
Nickname: G
You can usually find me on these tours:  Rockies tours in the summer
Countries I have been to: Around 30?  Top 5: Vietnam, Portugal, Uganda, France & Italy
Favourite spots in Western Canada:  Johnstons Canyon in the Rockies & Alberta!!!
Fun Fact: The Columbia ice fields holds a hydrographic apex where water flows into 3 oceans. Boom!
Extraordinary skills: I can sing the Japanese national anthem
What I like to do when I’m not a tour guide: Playing guitar, Netflix & chillin’



RichelleName: Richelle
Nickname: That girl in flip flops
You can usually find me on these tours: Rocky Mountains!
Countries I have been to: Thailand, Myanmar, Peru, Bolivia, Guatemala, Honduras, Belize, Mexico, Dominican Republic, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Belgium, Morocco, the two smallest countries: Monaco and Vatican City, the USA,and last but definitely not least: Canada!
Favourite spots in Western Canada: Anywhere in the mountains. Particularly camping up at Garibaldi Lake where after a few hours of an uphill climb, you’re rewarded with the most beautiful scenery.
Fun Fact: I have had many close encounters with bears including being stalked by one in a burnt down forest and scaring one away with noise-makers.
Extraordinary skills: I can knit a toque in under an hour!
What I like to do when I’m not a tour guide: Carefully analyzing my bank account to judge when I will have enough money for my next adventure 😉