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“These past two months have been the driest August and September in recorded history.

The season’s mere 7.9 mm of rainfall beat out every record dating back to 1896, when meteorologists first started recording weather data in the settlement town of Steveston. To understand the sheer extent of Vancouverites’ fortunes, consider that the city typically receives about 93 mm of precipitation during those two months.

September alone received only 5 mm of rain, compared to the average 53.5, and August saw only 2.9 mm. On their own, neither September nor August set the record for most arid month on record. The driest September ever was in 1975, when only 0.3 mm of rain hit the ground. August’s record is even more impressive, with 0.0 mm in 1986, the Expo year.

And there’s more good news on the way. Environment Canada said the ridge of high pressure should hold out for another seven to 10 days, making for a beautiful Thanksgiving weekend. Highs from Wednesday onward are expected to hover around 17 C to 18 C, and temperatures for the Fraser Valley are forecast for around 20 C.  The normal high for this time of year in the Lower Mainland is 16 C” – Jeff Smith Vancouver Metro http://metronews.ca/news/vancouver/389707/vancouver-records-driest-august-september-in-more-than-a-century/